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Published on 07 Jun 2021

Boom! How we built a pixel-perfect frontend for a SuperSonic company


When we were tasked with building a website for Boom SuperSonic, we felt the gravity of the challenge. A groundbreaking aviation start-up, with hundreds of billions of dollars of funding and an aspiration to push the laws of physics to the limit, needed a website that would not disappoint. 

To match their ambition, BoomSupersonic hired a California-based studio, HOO KOO E KOO, to conceptualize and design a powerful web presence. We joined the process to develop a pixel perfect solution.

What is Boom SuperSonic?

From the very beginning Boom Supersonic's ambition has been to allow passengers to travel faster than sound. This dream was a reality in the past but was abruptly ended by Concorde's tragic accident in 2000. 

Boom's flagship airplane - the Overture - was designed to be significantly safer, more efficient and greener than its predecessor. In June 2021, a milestone was reached, as United Airlines announced it ordered the first batch of 15 planes from the manufacturer. 


 Challenges in website development

The designs we received from HOO KOO E KOO stressed the innovative character and seriousness of the project. The site was not intended to be overly complex but had to work impeccably. Think of an airplane manufacturer who cannot engineer its own website...

To reach this goal, our developers used React and Next.js. We paid special attention to the specification we received from designers, spent a considerable amount of time on testing, and brought the website vision to life, just as our client is making their vision a reality. 



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