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What we believe in


We work on challenging projects that inspire. We want the products we build to stand out and engage professionals and consumers alike.


All of our developers have considerable commercial experience. They are mature and independent in their work.


We choose a long-term strategy. Low employee turnover reduces uncertainty and boosts confidence.


Being able to deliver dependent code and product means the business risk is minimised and manageable.

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How our teams work

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    Tell us about the skills you need or the product you want.

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    We take extreme ownership of the products we develop for our clients.

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    Scale up the teams and let them help you in the long run.

Passion and diversity

Building great products requires all the energy that lies within us. And energy is about self-exploration. That’s why at Bitnoise everybody can be open about themselves: their goals, their aims, their identities, and problems too.

A taste of our team


PHP Developer

As an engineer for 14 years I’ve specialized in PHP as well as ElasticSearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker. My current project is Circus Street. I like digging deep in coding issues, debugging what others can’t debug, writing algorithms that solve complex problems, reading codedumps to fix SEGFAULTS… I’m a pro photographer and destress flying WWII fighters on simulators. I’m allergic to hypocrisy and I’m always keen on helping others.


Front-end Developer

I’ve been a programmer for over 15 years. At Bitnoise I work with React Native in the Circus Street project. I am a fan of functional programming, and I am interested in cybersecurity. Warhammer is my second reality. I also play electric and bass guitar and ukulele (blues to calm down and death metal to ease the tension). Openness, commitment and a good attitude are essential to me. I have a wonderful, 4 years old mongrel Logan.


Video Content Creator

I graduated from Interactive Media from the Adam Mickiewicz University, but since I've started work at Bitnoise I fell in love with technology and came to the conclusion that I want not only to be part of this digital world but I want to actively create it. That is the reason why I started my new studies as a UX designer. At Bitnoise I am responsible for video creation and partly social media. I’m following our teams with the sharp eye of my camera to capture the great atmosphere of Bitnoise and present all the interesting people working here. Privately I paint abstract art so I never leave a word of images and pictures.


Quality Assurance Engineer

I've been in the IT industry for over 5 years. I'm most excited about exploratory testing, edge case chasing, and game testing. My favorite moment in a project is the first dive, where I break through the onboarding and try to understand the app well enough to start causing mischief. In other people, I value empathy and tolerance and try to stand for those qualities myself. Outside of work I'm a paragliding pilot and a fan of RPGs and LARPing.


Fullstack Developer

Out of 12 years in software development I spent the last 9 at Bitnoise working on front and back-end in JavaScript and PHP. I seek harmony, both in life and at work - thus I enjoy innovation, while remembering about the older stack. My mission: to create clean code and focus on business value. My free time is shared between playing board games and 3D printing of custom board game figurines. My motto: “Work with problem solvers, not problem makers”. 


Project Manager

I’m a professional volleyball player and a PM with a background in production engineering. I’m guided by the principles of Continuous Improvement and Lean to build bridges between people. I like commitment and transparency but dislike shortcuts and a no-can-do approach. My dog (a blind 10 year old Boston Terrier called Lucky) ​​and coffee are my motivators. As an introvert at heart I like to watch movies alone and cook Italian and Mexican food. 


Tech Lead

I've been a programmer for 16 years, half of which I've spent at Bitnoise. I am the principal frontend engineer in the JOIN project. Mainly, I work with react, next.js, and graphql. In programming I get a kick out of performance and optimization. I’m into car racing and tattoos, but otherwise I am a pure geek. I love speedrun gaming, am an introvert and like concrete people who get straight to the point. I have two cats: Beton and Brokat.


JavaScript Developer

My programming adventure has been going on for 7 years, most of which I spent at Bitnoise. I work in the Circus Street team, mostly with JS, React and Angular. Flexibility is my second nature. I am a fan of adapting development to business needs. My many hobbies are board games, playing the guitar and RC cars. But deep in my heart I’m a pure gamer. I'll always find something cool in you, as long as you trust me.


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