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Published on 27 Aug 2021

Bitnoise_meet #2 Poznań


Second Bitnoise_meet was focused on the problem of the technical debt on the front end, both from programmers and business point of view. At Rojber Pub, Bitnoise's experts: Piotr Baranek, Adrian Kępa, Arkadiusz Michowski, Adam Misiorny and Łukasz Roth were talking, among other things, about: 📌 What is technological debt and why do we want to focus on the front end? 📌 Indisputable features of clean code? 📌 What generates technological debt? 📌 Why is it sometimes(!) worthy to intentionally run into debt? 📌 (Not)perfect programmer? 📌 Real-life situations - specific problems and specific solutions. 📌 Tips from Bitnoise. 📌 Q&A and discussion. 📌 All disputes were settleted during the axe-throwing tournament! ;)   Bitnoise_meet is a space we create to exchange experiences and learn from each other. We believe that sharing knowledge brings only benefits, and development is very important to us.



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