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Published on 09 Jul 2021

Bitnoise_meet #01


On Wednesday, July 7, we met in the Bitnoise headquarters for the first Bitnoise_Meet ever.

Due to the pandemic, we not only have lost the possibility to get in touch with developers outside of Bitnoise, but Covid-19 has also significantly limited our contacts with each other. And we really miss our creative brainstorming. We’ve decided it has to change. 

Bitnoise_meet is a space we’ve created to exchange experiences and learn from each other. We believe that sharing knowledge brings only benefits, and self-development is very important to us. A fresh look at the problem often brings surprising results, and the efficiency of our work increases.

The first meeting was dedicated to Node.js. Our senior developers who, based on their previous backend experience, have started their adventure with Node.js at Bitnoise, shared their knowledge and their story during Q&A and networking. 

It was wonderful to meet, exchange experiences and get to know your perspectives.

A few interesting points from our deep conversation:

➡️ With TypeScript and linting, you can still keep the syntax close to Java. We know from experience that whoever gets into TypeScript doesn't want to come back to JS.

➡️ The backing of tech giants has pushed the most popular libraries to a new level and improved their quality significantly. The state of the art technologies and tools provide a sense of security and programming comfort known to developers from statically typed languages.

➡️ Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of Node.js is its flexibility and the ability to instantly adapt the application to business requirements.



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