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Published on 21 Dec 2020

Bitnoise Stories #1


Looking at Bitnoise from today’s perspective, it is hard to imagine that the idea to start our own business came about during a short conversation in the corridor of our family house in the winter of 2008.

In those days, I (Adrian) was just over the middle of my studies, and Łukasz was halfway through building a house for his young family. He decided to change the company he worked for, and I had the capital to manage my time freely. In this way, we decided to take a risk, and in early spring 2009, we established Bitnoise — which defined our future professional life.

Our start-up capital was what we had in our pockets (not much), in our minds and our equipment — telephones and computers. Thanks to this, we were able to quickly develop the financial principles we wanted to follow in the coming years and which are still close to us:

  • Most of the earned funds are to be reinvested in the company.

  • Each person cooperating with us is to receive their salary on time, with absolute priority over our salaries.

  • We decided not to collect money from the company, as long as we did not need it personally to survive (i.e. — initially we did not charge anything, then we have charged enough to ensure our existence, in an irregular form).

With these principles and resources, we were ready for the next step: finding customers.



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